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Bullying has to be STOPPED

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Roland OuelletteBullying has to be stopped in our schools and extra curricular activities. It is part of our culture (until recently) that has been treated as a “right of passage” as opposed to a “personal assult.” Now that it has been properly characterized it is time to address the disease with a cure.

Jon Carmichael committed suicide, in the barn, at his home in Cleburne, Texas. The acts of bullying were typical enough — Jon being thrown into a trash can on a weekly basis and head flushed in a toilet several times. The same sort of bullying that has been going on since the start of time, although manifesting itself differently given the environment and time period.

Once again the school district, The Joshua Independent School District, is raising its hands and saying we are aware of bullying in our school and we are addressing it. Well, the lawsuit filed by the Charmichael family will make sure that the administration and teachers hear it loud and clear — bullying is a disease and it needs to be addressed and treated with “real” training and solutions. The family’s attorney said that the family’s goal in issuing the lawsuit is to educate. “On the human level, the family wants what every family wants when they come to me in these kind of cases. They want to make sure it doesn’t happen to someone else.”

The tipping point for Jon was a heinous act of bullying, whereby he was stripped nude, tied up and again placed into a trashcan. The act of bullying was taped and uploaded to YouTube. Really . . . and the staff, teachers and fellow students have been trained to recognize bullying and properly address it?

SAM was created to help address Jon and all the other future victims of aggressive behavior in our school systems. It is time to make our school systems safer and a more secure, comfortable place for education and learning.

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