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Assault is Assault, Regardless of Age

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Roland Ouellette: How to deal with aggressive behaviour at any ageTeachers and police will confront and deal with violent students regardless of age. This is important to know given that teachers are the victims of over 400,000 violent crimes each year (according to SERAPH, a specialized consulting and training firm). One of the biggest reasons for so many violent crimes in our schools is because of the culture in the United States. As a result of our culture and the way we are wired, approximately 20% of the population uses aggression as their primary form of communication. This aggressive behavior provides an outlet for them to express their desires, needs, wants, and frustrations. It is not the last but the first tool they turn to. (Dr. Turner, Violence in Medical Settings).

Assault is assault, regardless of age. The youngest person to kill a police officer was seven years old while the oldest was ninety-seven. In the video below, an eight year old boy in Lakeland, Florida was pepper sprayed by the police to prevent serious physical injury to teachers. Serious physical injury is classified as “Deadly Physical Force.” The police used reasonable physical force, which is the least amount of force they could use to rectify the situation. Frankly, they would have been justified in using a baton or taser in this case.

Video: Eight year old was pepper sprayed to diffuse his aggressive behavior in school

Teachers need to be able to manage aggressive behavior before the police arrive. SAM’s comprehensive training program provides educators, administrators, security personnel and students with the proper tools and knowledge to effectively address aggressive behavior, like bullying, and/or violent situations. It may be more important to understand non-verbal cues versus listening to verbal dialogue. SAM can help you better understand non-verbal communication.

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