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Bully Beware

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Roland Ouellette
Bullies should be aware and understand that all people have a breaking point. Their is a good chance, after a period of assults, that the child or adult that is bullied will snap and turn on the bully. The video below captures this moment where the bullied turns on the bully. It is also important to recognize that when the bullied snaps they often go into a fit of rage and have total disregard for the bully. The situation can become very combative, with the bullied losing touch with reality as they extract their “pound of flesh.”

Eleven years later there is still a debate about how much bullying played into what happened in Columbine. Many of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold’s writings indicated that they were ostracized and bullied at school. Unfortunately, their breaking point led to the deaths of thirteen people.

On September 8, 2010, New York State Govenor David Paterson signed the “Dignity for All Students Act”, which specifically bans harassment and discrimination against student based on their sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, race, color, weight, national origin, ethnicity, religion or disability, and requires New York State school districts to adopt anti-bullying policies. During the signing, the Govener recalled how he hit a classmate in the face with a metal lunch box after he repeatedly bullied him. He was suspended from recess for a month. Bullies beware — everyone has a breaking point.

At SAM Training, we are focused on the verbal and non-verbal cues associated with aggressive behavior. It is important for teachers and staff to understand body language and behavioral cues that suggest the beginning of aggressive behavior. SAM Training will help you to better recognize cues and provide solutions to address and ultimately diffuse aggressive behavior.

VIDEO: Chubby Kid Bodyslams Bully

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