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Bullying is Aggressive Behavior

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Roland Ouellette - Safety Awareness ManagementBullying –physical, verbal and emotional — is present in schools, colleges, workplaces, healthcare facilities, law enforcement agencies, correctional agencies, state and federal agencies. All workplaces experience some form of bullying. Bullying is aggressive behavior.

MOAB — Management of Aggressive Behavior — founded by Roland W. Ouellette in 1983 to address and reduce violence in the workplace, has been used worldwide and proven effective in many diverse settings. Since its inception, more than 5,000 agencies have benefited from MOAB’s highly researched, state-of-the-art programs. SAM is rooted in the same sound principles of the highly acclaimed Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB®) program.

In 2006, the resulting tragedy of the Amish school shootings in Pennsylvania prompted Roland to turn his expertise specifically to the education community. Together with his daughter Ellen van Olden, former Vice President of MOAB® Training International and current President of SAM Training, LLC, created SAM Training, LLC to address the rising threat of violence, bulling, and active shooter risk directed at educators in classrooms and on campuses nationwide.

Violence in our schools is a modern reality that requires serious attention. SAM’s comprehensive curriculum stresses preparedness and prevention, empowering individuals with excellent verbal, nonverbal and physical skills to effectively respond to threatening and potentially violent encounters.

Training Objectives: The SAM program will teach individuals the techniques to resolve bulling conflicts decisively and diplomatically regardless of age, size or strength, providing valuable skills and strategies to prevent and diffuse aggressive behavior.
Participants in SAM’s program will:

Learn how to identify a potential problem by recognizing the warning signs and know when an attack is imminent;

Prepare mentally to allow for appropriate and automatic responses during various situations;

Gain an understanding of the rules of personal space and how they affect the ability to react;

Learn how to manage anxiety and fear to respond more calmly in stressful situations;

Learn how to effectively use empathetic listening skills to help reduce an individual’s anxiety and aggression; and

Learn how to manage the stages of conflict, anxiety as well as verbal and physical aggression.

Aggressive behavior can be effectively dealt with using the principles subscribed to by SAM. To find out more information on how SAM and the SAM Programs can help your school, please visit our website.

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