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Triggering Agents for Workplace Violence

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Workplace Violence -- angry man at workWhat are the common triggering agents for workplace violence? The State of Connecticut, in their Violence in the Workplace: Policy and Procedures Manual (June 2007) , outline the most common triggering agents associated with workplace violence.

There are multiple issues that may trigger workplace violence. These tend to fall into two categories: employee issues and workplace issues. In terms of employee issues, the following events are potential “triggers.”

1. Negative performance review,
2. Unwelcome change in role due to performance or reorganization issue,
3. Criticism of performance,
4. Conflict with co-worker or supervisor,
5. Personal stress outside the workplace,
6. Increased workload or pressure (e.g. deadlines, projects, etc.)

In addition, certain workplace [issues] may contribute to an atmosphere which makes the occurrence of workplace violence more likely. These include:

1. No clearly defined rules of conduct,
2. Lack of training,
3. Inadequate hiring practices/screening of potential employees,
4. Insufficient supervision,
5. Lack of discipline or inconsistent discipline in workplace,
6. No or inadequate employee support systems,
7. Failure to address incidents as they occur,
8. Overly authoritarian management style.

Experts agree that three key elements that may prevent a potentially violent situation from occurring are:

– recognizing the early warning signs (often there is a change in a persons behavior preceding an episode of violence),
– recognizing issues or events that may trigger violence, and
– intervening early to prevent a violent incident from occurring

SAM Training is specifically designed to address the three key elements above. The curriculum takes you through the EARLY WARNING SIGNS, understanding context in combination with the early warning signs and ultimately how to address a potentially violent situation early to defuse and assist a disgruntled/troubled worker. SAM can provide the important training to your personnel to help eliminate workplace violence.

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